Saving With Solar Screens In Las Vegas

Saving With Solar Screens In Las Vegas

Saving With Solar Screens In Las Vegas

When it comes to home improvement, people won’t hesitate to spend money for it. Solar Screens are one of the in-demand windows screens by the homeowners, because of its good advantages in your home. However, if you are comparing your tinted windows to solar screen windows –obviously, there is a big difference to each other. A tinted window, look so natural to your home as it reveals the beauty of your house inside, although it can’t protect the interior of your house from the heat of the sunlight. Meanwhile, installing a solar screen window will give you many advantages of it such as:

Installing Solar Screens to your home will help to absorb the heat and UV Rays of the sun to your home, which will give a cooling effect inside your home even it is summer and without you air-condition on.

We all know that Exposing ourselves from the heat of UV Rays is not good for us, as it cause Sunburn, Skin Cancer, Premature aging of the skin, Suppress our immune system and also it can damage our eyes. In fact, this is not a myth only; Ultraviolet radiation is very harmful to every human because of the health risk that it gives.

Lifetime UV Exposure in the U.S statistic

1-8 yrs. old 23%
19-40 yrs. old 47%
41-59 yrs. Old
60-78 yrs. old 74%

So, imagine the risk you can get daily from UV Rays Exposure even you are inside your home.

And the skin aging reportedly estimated as of 2017 for 90% case caused by the sun, and 52.170 news cases of invasive melanoma in men and woman that has been diagnosed in the United States of America.

This is certainly one of the reasons why most homeowners choose to install a solar screen window because it can help to reduce your electricity bill monthly. In fact, solar screen helps to provide an alternative source of energy generation by advocating the passive.

Solar Screen also provides a resistance for your furniture’s or walls to fade from the heat of UV Rays that reflects from your windows. Indeed, even furniture can be damage by the effect of this radiation.

Many where thinking that installing a solar screen is expensive, the truth is it is not expensive as what you are thinking. Solar Screens are affordable and it can be installed by you or ask for a labor who can install it right to your home.

Solar screen is so convenient to use in any type of the house. Even a small house can be install with solar screen. You just have to appoint any services that install solar screens to give you the correct size for your windows and also you can customize it with different colors of shades.

The good thing having a solar screen to your home is because it gives you privacy aside from a normal screen window that can see and expose everything you do inside your home. It actually helps as a security purpose from anyone who is trying to spy on your home.

Those are the reasons why homeowners should install a solar screen window for their home. Thus, a solar screen work with three categorization for shades that block UV RAYS and HEAT such as 75% that blocks heat up to 80%, 90% that blocks heat up to 90%, and 95% that blocks heat up to 95%. Moreover, every category for solar screen has its own visibility percentage, and most of the homeowner installs darker shades that give 95% of blocking the UV Rays to enter your home.

Additionally, there is a reason also why homeowners are asked for the shades, it’s because every shade has its own purpose that works with:


1. Infrared Rays that is felt as heat
2. Visible Spectrum saw as light
3. UV Rays that has no signs of presence but can give you a serious health problem.

Knowing all the reasons why Solar Screen has been developing it’s because of serious health problem that we can get from the ultraviolet rays. Generally, we know that the ozone layer of our earth that protects us from the harmful effect of the UV Radiation is losing its elasticity and it becoming thin. It is the reason why this past few year the heat of the sun to the earth is really different from the past. So to imagine if the ozone layers get even a tiny holes in it, many people will be harmed even you are inside the home.

That is why looking at the solar screen is not for the beautification of your home only but it is actually a scientific fact that everyone must understand. There are many things in science that we don’t understand but to understand the risk of our health and our families health is different.

Most of the countries are installing this solar screen early before the summer comes. However, when it comes to climate change – there is actually unusual things that can be felt by other countries; the sun heat is not normal anymore that a case of skin cancer all over the world is actually increasing compare to the previous years. Some reportedly say that the ozone layer of our earth is soon to last which gives warning signs already.

Solar screen windows are like a regular windows screen, however, a solar screen window will cover the outside of your window that replaces your regular windows screen. If you are planning to install your solar screen windows then maybe you are thinking which part of the house it should be, In fact, it is preferred to install it all over your house to get all the advantages of it. Another factor is to avoid any heat stroke, which is also increasing its cases everywhere in the world.

Solar Screens in Las Vegas will be a great help for those who are living there, as the heating temperature in Las Vegas is reportedly threatened to get worse. There is solar screen in Las Vegas that offers its service for installations and has a good material made for their solar screens with different shades. If you want to install for your home just find a store that will suit for you and get the appointment for the solar screen in Las Vegas. Aside from that, Solar Screens in Las Vegas gives you all the benefits that will be perfect for your home.

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